Vw Golf mk1 – Second life!

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Jamie zijn Golf is een verhaal apart, dat is duidelijk. Niet zomaar een Volkswagen Golf maar een project met een hoge X-factor. Ooit heeft hij deze Golf verkocht voor knap geld maar nadat de eigenaar hem verkocht in stukken kocht Jamie de lege kas terug en begon het nieuwe leven voor deze knappe groene. Wij interviewden Jamie in Engeland voor je…

Jamie’s Golf is a different story, that’s for sure. Not just an average Volkswagen Golf but a high end project with a high X-factor. He once sold this project for a ton of money but when the owner sold it in pieces Jamie bought back the empty shell. The second life for this green one has started. We had a talk with Jamie in the UK for you…

AT: We know you owned many cars, do you have some previous projects?

Jamie: Yes I got many, all Volkswagens, 7 x mk2, 2 x mk3 1 x mk4 1 x mk5 and 9 x mk1.

AT: Why did you choose this type of car?

Jamie: The Mk1 Golf was my first ever car and I have a special connection with it.

AT: Why did you change the car?

Jamie: I wanted to build my ultimate mk1 Golf, my ultimate dreamcar.

AT: We know it’s a lot but how much did you spend on the car mods?

Jamie: Way too much I think, £25K in total and there’s more to come.

AT: There’s gone a lot of work in this ride. Who did the work on the car and how long did the works take?

Jamie: That would be Paintbox and Paul and Kiran at Players Speed shop, took about a year.

AT: The Golf sure looks different, where did you get the inspiration from?

Jamie: I always got a love for the Singer Porsches and it inspired me a lot. 

AT: It’s not a Singer but what are your top3 modifications on the car?

Jamie: The deep suspension goes first, wheels are following but I’ll change them next year and as last the not so average color.


AT: That green is for sure a different color as we’re used to see on car events. Why did U pick this color?

Jamie: It’s “Gleb Grun. 73” RSR” I just like things different! It’s being painted by the Paintbox here in the UK. 

AT: What do ‘normal’ (non-car) people say about the car?

Jamie: It gets a great reaction from everyone because of how clean it usually looks and its pretty classic. Makes me happy too! 

AT: We see you drive the Golf pretty often, do you got any special moments with the car?

Jamie: Many to be honest, driving through Worthersee with my wife would probably be one and also my first drive with my son………also smoking R8’s in germany was a good day, ha!

AT: What’s your next car or dreamcar?

Jamie: Should be a Datsun 240z with a N/A rb26!