Schmidt XS5

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Het is al een tijdje geleden dat we nog iets van Schmidt gehoord hadden maar ze hebben nu enige tijd gehad om te bezinnen. Hier zijn ze dan met hun eerste concave velg. We moeten eerlijk toegeven dat deze er super uitziet!

Ze zijn te verkrijgen van 8.5J tot 10.5J en dit voor Vw, Opel en Audi steek + offset. Standaard te verkrijgen in 2 kleuren. We zijn benieuwd wanneer we deze op een degelijk project gaan te zien krijgen!

Onder kan je het officiële persbericht van Schmidt nog eens grondig nalezen.


The fact, that the rims are among the most important accessories of every car, is likely to be widely undisputed. Description of them as „only“tyres bearing rims would not even start to meet their security-related meaning. In addition to different construction characteristics (single or multi part) there are nearly no limits for design opportunities.

Rims manufacturer SCHMIDT Revolution, which is settled in Northern Germany, has specialised for years in manufacturing the finest tuner rims. Each wheel set is individually adjusted to the wishes of the customers. In addition each two front and rear wheels with desired offset are adjusted exactly set for set for vehicle requirements. During assembly distance disks and locating rings are deliberately avoided. And without extra charge!

At this point SCHMIDT-Design XS5 will be discussed. It comes in different concavities with embossed spokes. The bigger the wheel is, the more concave the spoke is. Perfectly tuned cars should have at the rear axle a wider optics, this is an unwritten law. The wheel arches are in any case optimally filled through adjusting the offset – no matter, whether airrides or coil over.

Chrome-plated steel panels provide a perfect shine. Each XS5-rim well can be lacquered. The embossed spoke runs against the rim well, what a design. The stainless steel panels, which receives through its gloss additional chromium plating reflector, refines the drop center of one piece rims in a special way and  makes the wheel suitable both for winter and everyday use . The unique gloss radiates a brilliance that polished aluminium will never achieve. The panel due to its hard surface is especially resistant to dirt and easy to maintain. Thus, they can be cleaned very easily. Brake dust or even stone falls cannot harm the rim. The panels are solely mounted on one-piece rims, while the Radinox-technique can only be used on multi-pieces rims. Pressed with aluminium wheel, they can be renewed in case of an accident.

In conclusion, the question of the target group still remains. With sizes 8,5 and 9 inches SCHMIDT Revolution supplies Golf-class, which is popular in Germany. Thereby potent vehicle models, such as Audi TT RS, Audi RS3, Opel OPC and VW GTI are served. For the upper middle class a much broader and thus concaveness wheel with 10, 5 inch is available for the rear axle. In fact extremely concave 10,5 x 20 inch-XSIS-5 is driven with tire width from 275 to 335 mm on vehicles such as Audi, BMW 3 series and  6 series, Mercedes AMG, Nissan GTR.

For demonstration purposes the one-piece rim design XS5 from SCHMIDT Revolution is in the present instance mounted all around on VW Golf, to acquire not yet infected a taste. The fantastic result  with expert analysis needs no further comments …